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God’s Helpers (Mrs. Voltz)

This club for students in second through eighth grades is a community service and outreach organization. The club teaches students to use their gifts from God to give back to their community and make it a better place to live.

Drama (Mrs. Graham)

Each year, students in 5th – 8th grade have the opportunity to audition and perform in a full scale musical. Mrs. Hannah Graham, MFA directs the play each year.

Chinese Language Classes (Mrs. Doyle)

This introduction to Chinese is designed to be an overview of the Chinese language and culture at the basic level. Instruction is intended to acquaint the young learner with entry level conversational tools through peer interaction, and encourage further learning of a language that is growing in international importance.

Middle School Tutoring Club (Ms. Keller)

St. Matthew’s Middle School students have the opportunity to volunteer as student tutors working in the after-school homework room. Tutors are paired with peers or younger students and provide help in various academic areas.

Forensics (Mrs. Foster)

Forensics is competitive public speaking. Categories of competition involve formal speech, performance, interpretive reading, and storytelling. It is a team academic sport that requires dedication, practice and a desire to have fun while improving self-confidence and communication skills. The team meets once per week during the school year and competes in the Forensics League of Tidewater Catholic Middle Schools tournament in March. Open to Middle School Students.

Martial Arts (Ms. Olivar)

Ms. Olivar offers Martial Arts training at St. Matthew’s with Sifu Frank Delgado’s blessing. Ms. Olivar is continuing the traditions and beliefs as passed down from Karazenpo-Go-Shinjutsu and Kenpo Karate Systems originating from James Mitose, founder of the “Official Self Defense Club” in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Junior Lego-League (Mrs. Cropley)

The Junior Lego League is open to students in first through third grades. The “SMS Lego Masters” meet twice each month and work on the basics of building, simple machines, use of a motor and teamwork.

Newspaper (Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Blind)

Newspaper is an organization that teaches students the various steps involved in publishing a newspaper.  Students learn how to gather information; write, revise, and edit articles, and create headlines and captions.  The staff publishes three issues of The Eagles’ Nest,which is distributed to the entire student body.

Model United Nations (Mr. Bond)

Model United Nations is an organization that teaches students about current global issues and allows them to work collaboratively as delegates to create solutions to these issues. It takes what the student learns in the classroom and allows them to apply it in a fun academic simulation.

Student Council (Ms. Chesney)

SMS Student Council is a service organization run entirely by the student members. Although the club is responsible for many fun events, like pep rally’s and school socials, the primary goal is to encourage student leadership in schools and communities, and empower young adults to use these skills throughout their lives.

Great Computer Challenge (Ms. Olivar)

The Great Computer Challenge is a computer competition sponsored by WHRO, the Consortium for Interactive Instruction and Old Dominion University (WHRO/CII/ODU). Our middle school students have placed in almost every category, every year. It is a competitive opportunity for students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade to demonstrate their knowledge of various computer applications and programming skills. Students are presented with real-world problems that must be solved within a two hour time frame without any assistance. Categories include: Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Music Composition, Desktop Presentations, Web Design, Integrated Applications, Visual Programming, and Video Editing.

Science Bowl (Mrs. Rorick)

Science Bowl is an engaging team based activity that practices responding to a variety of science and math questions using a buzzer system. This activity is designed for students that have a strong interest in chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and earth science.  The purpose of this club is to motivate and challenge students in a positive and rewarding environment.  Additionally, it provides students a venue to demonstrate leadership skills. This team meets once per week September through January and competes in the Annual Science Bowl Competition at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School in late January.  Open to all Middle School Students.

Chess Club (Mr. Reavis)

The Chess Club welcomes all students, regardless of experience, who are interested in playing chess. The club meets once a week. Students will have opportunities to learn about the game, play chess with peers, and participate in tournaments. This is the club for you whether you want to relax and play chess with your friends or you want to prepare for tournaments.

Spanish Bowl (Mrs. Lane)

Annual Catholic Schools Spanish Language Bowl competition. Open to students in grades 6-8. Teams will consist of 2-4 members. Teams from 8/7 and 7/6 will participate in skits or Questions/Answer, depending on their ability; the competition will be on Spanish comprehension and vocabulary.

Boy Scouts (Mr. Hoffman)

Saint Matthew’s sponsors Boy Scout Troop 303 and Cub Scout Pack 303. For detailed information about scouting at SMS please click on: Scouting.

Also Available

Girl Scouts

After-School Art Classes

(Band & Chorus practices are held during the school day, but concerts occur in the evenings or on weekends.)