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     Our campus is a very nice place to come to learn and work. To maintain our facility, we proactively update and replace things before they break down. However, large projects often get moved to the bottom of the list because of the enormous cost. One of these projects was the Window Replacement Project. The total cost of  this project is $180,000.  It has been moved up to the top of the list because we have received a $90,000 matching grant from the Diocese of Richmond. To add to that amount, the $13,800 net proceeds from our 2016 Eagle Open golf outing will benefit this project. Recently, we raised an additional $27,000 through our Auction & Gala Fund-A-Need which included a matching grant from A&W Contractors, Inc. Thank you Mr. Jay Archbell and Mr. Ian Hill! **UPDATE** – Due to the amount of money we have raised towards this project, we will start the window replacement project in JUNE 2017!!
     We still need to raise the remaining $49,200 and invite our SMS families, alumni, parishioners, friends, and the business community to donate (what you can) to our “Windows to the Future” project to help us complete the project in time for the 2017-18 school year. Any amount is welcome because it all adds up!
     We are thankful to the SMS school and church community for always being very generous to our students and school in supporting our various projects over the years.
     The 2016-17 “Window To The Future” project is to replace the windows in the main cafeteria and the school’s primary building, which is the oldest classroom building on our campus. The building was constructed in 1963 and still contains its original windows, made of a combination of steel and aluminum frames with single-pane glass. These windows are not energy efficient, many leak during rainstorms, and some fail to open and close properly.
     The window deficiencies were identified in the March 2013 Facilities Condition Assessment Report prepared by RRMM Architect consultants hired by the Diocese of Richmond. The report commented that the windows should be replaced within three to five years. New windows, the consultants noted in the report, “should have a direct impact on utility costs for heating and air conditioning.”  New windows will enhance building safety, comfort, and efficiency by providing greater protection from the outside elements. The update will also improve building appearance, both inside and outside. 
     Donations of $1,000 or more will have a brass plate engraved with the family name or “In Memory of” placed on a window to recognize the donation. Families and/or Friends can split the cost and have two family names on a brass plate. Clubs, fraternities, sororities, groups, teams, etc. can donate and receive a brass plate as well. Check back for a status report as we get closer to achieving our goal. We thank you in advance for your generosity!

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1963 Windows to be Replaced