Accelerated Learners

In general, the curriculum at Saint Matthew’s Catholic School is demanding and designed to motivate all students to reach their full potential. However, consideration is given to students who excel academically. Among the steps the school may take to continually challenge these students are:

-Academic grouping:  Students in the lower grades are placed in reading groups, and those in the top reading group (or groups) are regularly given accelerated reading materials and comprehension questions. In the middle school, groups are utilized to advance accelerated students to high school level work. A secondary education teacher in the middle school teaches these students so that they may receive high school credits for advanced courses in mathematics and Spanish.

-Moving Up Grade Levels for Particular Subjects: In the elementary school, advanced students may attend math or reading classes at a higher grade level. For example, a second-grade student may go to the third-grade classroom for math. This advances the student academically in core subjects without worrying about social issues or missed content in information-rich subjects, such as social studies. In the middle school, groups are used to advance and challenge students.

Technology: Some teachers use technology to help challenge students. For example, during the 2014-2015 school year, fourth-grade students were given leveled reading assignments with science themes on the Pearson website. This enables the teacher to give more challenging material to advanced students.

TAT Team– The T.A.T. Team is a group of experienced teachers who are well respected and meet to generate solutions that support students who are experiencing difficulty in school. These professionals meet on a regular basis to brainstorm and exchange ideas that facilitate learning. Teachers or parents may refer a student to the T.A.T. Team.

For more information about efforts to serve accelerated students, please call the school at 757-420-2455.