FACTS Tuition Payments

logo-FACTSPaymentPlanTo start the FACTS Management enrollment process, parents must sign a contract through eCashier by clicking here or the button below.

FACTS Management Enrollment

Once you register we will enter your tuition balance into your account.

Parents have a number of options to choose from:

Pay in 10, 11 or 12 installments by entering into a contract with FACTS. The first payment is due July 5th or July 20th or August 5th or August 20th depending on which date you sign up for. You can pay monthly installments by using AMEX, VISA, MC or Discover cards, or by direct withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Please note there is a small convenience fee (2.85%), in addition to the FACTS fee, for choosing the credit card option. FACTS also charges a $50.00 annual fee per family.

Additionally, you always have the option to make lump sum payments in FACTS if you would like to pay down your balance early.

Those who opt to pay 100% of the tuition directly to the school in cash, check, or money order by July 10, 2023 receive a 2% discount and do not have to enter into a contract with FACTS.