Learning Differences

The Discovery Program at St. Matthew’s School

At Saint Matthew’s School, we view all students as unique individuals designed by God. We implemented the Discovery Program to serve students with exceptional needs that require supplemental services and accommodations in the classroom.

We use the methods designed by the National Institute for Learning Development. This is a program consisting of individual Educational Therapy, which allows SMS to make Catholic education possible for students with diverse learning needs and learning difficulties. These children have an average to superior intelligence, but struggle in the regular classroom due to many reasons such as: perception, processing speed, working memory, and fluency. The goal of our program is to move the student toward independence and success in the regular classroom and to realize his/her God-given abilities.

Educational Therapy consists of sessions equaling 160 minutes per week. The sessions are scheduled during the school day. Sessions begin as early as 7:30. Enrollment is an annual agreement with additional tuition.

If you are interested in the Discovery Program at Saint Matthew’s, please contact the school office at 757-420-2455 or email our program coordinator, Dr. Lei Ann Galvez at [email protected].