Elementary School




Saint Mat thew’s Elementary School includes a full-day kindergarten and grades 1 through 5. Teacher assistants are provided in K-2, enabling more individual attention as young students master critical basic skills. In grades 3-5, a number of higher-level skills are fostered to enable the students to successfully prepare for middle school. These include independent thinking, deepening comprehensive skills, research skills, the ability to complete more complex math problems, and knowledge in a number of basic scientific principles.

Overall, Saint Matthew’s School utilizes the curriculum provided by the Diocese of Richmond.

St. Matthew’s School implements this curriculum by providing challenging, multifaceted, and integrated classwork that encourages students to maximize their learning potential and to relate the curriculum to life experiences. Elements of the curriculum include:

Mathematics Program

In grades K-5, establishing a strong foundation in basic math skills and relating those skills to life experiences is emphasized. Computers and smartboards are utilized to teach, enrich, and reinforce the learning process. Teaching strategies to accommodate diverse learning styles include cooperative learning, peer learning (grouping), guided experimentation (discovery), and differentiated instruction. Manipulatives are used extensively to develop critical thinking skills and to demonstrate various problem-solving strategies. The elementary grades use the Progress in Mathematics series to help implement the math problem. The teachers often use other resources as well to round out the mathematics curriculum.

Language Arts

The elementary school uses the Scott Foresman series and a number of other reading materials to teach reading, comprehension, and writing skills. Teachers pull from a variety of sources to accommodate different reading groups.


The Science curriculum covers topics relevant to earth science, life science, and physical science. Lessons develop analytical thinking and a general science knowledge foundation.

Social Studies

The social studies program is focused on developing and reinforcing geographical, cultural, historical, and socio-political knowledge based on the diocesan, state, and national standards. Students in grades K–3 obtain general knowledge of community, culture, place, with historical content, whereas grades 4 and 5 concentrate solely on Virginia History and United States History, respectively.


The religion program demonstrates a distinct Christ-centered Catholic mission by working collaboratively with parents and the parish to ensure active participation in the life of the Church. We provide quality faith formation where tradition, teachings, and values are integrated throughout our curriculum. Our welcoming spirit encourages clergy and parish staff to be an integral and supportive part of our foundation. St. Matthew’s uses the We Believe series in our religion program.


All students attend music one day per week and art one day per week. Students in third grade and above are eligible to join the chorus. Students in fourth grade and above are eligible to join the band.

Physical Education & Health

Students attend PE two days per week. Health is offered as part of the curriculum as well.

Media Center/Technology

Students attend the library once per week and the computer lab one day per week. The library and the computer lab are also available during other periods of the day for teachers to schedule.