Early Learners & Junior Kindergarten

Saint Matthew’s Early Learners and Junior Kindergarten provides our youngest students with a loving, safe environment where they can enjoy some of the benefits of being on the same campus as the elementary & middle schools. Early Learners and Junior Kindergarten students travel to the gym for PE, the music room & library for class, and the lunchroom. Classroom schedules are arranged by the teacher to meet the needs of the appropriate age level. The following schedules are offered at registration according to availability:



Monday through Friday: half or full days

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: half or full days

Tuesday through Thursday: half or full days

Subject Areas Includes:

Religion | Art | Personal – Social Development | Motor Skills: Fine and Gross Motor | Math Readiness | Reading Readiness | Social Studies | Music and Movement | Science | Library/Computer

Daily Schedule of Activities Includes:

  • Two snacks (a.m. & p.m.) and lunch provided by the school in accordance with the Department of Social Services
  • Two half-hour outdoor activities
  • Two hour rest period

Classroom Instruction Time Includes:

Gross and fine motor skills | Small group activities | Center base activities | Individual free play